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Feet 1st

Diabetes can make it harder to feel - and heal - foot problems. If you suffer from diabetes, check your feet daily and pamper your tootsies.Having diabetes means you’re more likely to experience probl

How to Be a Happier Mom: 8 Tips to Find the Joy in Motherhood

Motherhood is stressful. Theres no getting around this fact, no matter how organized we try to be. Wrangling kids, wheth

30 Easy Plant Based Salads That Are Actually Filling

Whether you’re considering going plant based or have already made the switch to a plant based lifestyle, you may be wond

Your Body Clock

Our health - physical and mental - can be impacted when our body\'s natural circadian rhythms are thrown out of kilter. Keep your body clock on time with natural solutions.Birds have them. Bees have th

Wildlife Wednesday: Snapping Turtle

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the snapping turtle, a species of special concern in Ontario.Why did the snapping turtle cross the road? To find a nesting site, of course! But unfortunately, Cana