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Zinc's Cold-Fighting Abilities

New research shows how zinc helps fight infections, including the common cold. Are you getting enough?Many of us (myself included!) approach cold and flu season with a steely attitude and a laundry li

Constipation in Children: 8 Tips to Relieve Childhood Constipation

If you told my 20-something self I would one day be writing a post about childhood constipation, I wouldn’t have believe

#2013alive: Get Political!

For our last week of August’s 12 Months of Wellness, we\'re getting in to the activist spirit. How can you make positive change in your community?So far, our 12 Months of Wellness for August has put th

5 arm workouts to teach you how to look good in a tank top

If you love to wear tank tops, but hate the way your arms jiggle when they arent planted firmly by your sides, you will

New to Fitness: 8 Weight Loss Tips for Beginners

The new year is the perfect time to set or update goals for your fitness regime. If you’re new to fitness, it’s even mor