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Freshly Minted

Move over, peppermint! A well-known digestive aid, mint comes in many varieties, including apple, chocolate, and mojito. And it\'s easy to grow your own.Everyone is familiar with spearmint and peppermi

Strength Training At Home: 20 Upper Body Workouts for Women

Working out at home has never been easier than it is today. With amazing at home gym products and killer Youtube workout

How to Lose Face Fat: 13 Tips and Exercises for a Slimmer Face

A full face is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It helps you age gracefully while keeping your look youthful. Howeve

Wildlife Wednesday: Wild Water Buffalo

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn why there may be no purebred wild water buffalo left in the world.Habitat: India and AsiaWater buffalo triviaAlso called Asian buffalo, wild water buffalo can weigh up t

Roots to Relish

Create unique appetizers with a rainbow of root vegetables, perfect for winter parties.With the rainbow of root vegetables in full force at the market right now, there’s no better way to celebrate the