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#2013alive: Maintain your Muscle with Strength Training

Keeping muscles and bones strong is an important part of staying fit. We’re maintaining our muscle by adding strength training to our routines at least twice a week.It’s month 3, week 3 of our 12 Mont

Exercise Reduces Future Stress

A new study from the University of Maryland found that moderate exercise can actually protect us from future emotional stress and anxiety.If you leave the yoga studio, gym, or sports court feeling ene


Ashwagandha is an ancient Ayurvedic herb that has many benefits. It not only increases energy levels, but it also reduces stress.Have you ever noticed that stress seems to push the pause button on you

Paper Waste May Provide an Economical and Environmental Building Brick

As we look for ways to reduce the amount of waste we produce, researchers are also look to repurpose industrial paper waste.Paper consumption is a huge concern in our modern society, especially during

The Power of Purple Foods

Eating well includes eating the colours of the rainbow, according to nutritionists. The dark purple foods on that colourful spectrum have a rich concentration of healthy antioxidants and vital flavono