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Maintain a Healthy Weight

Lifestyle and environmental factors such as stress, sleep, obesogens, and probiotics, play a crucial role in weight gain.Weight—too much of it, at least—is a major issue in North America and, increasi

#2013alive: Cut Out the Bad by Ditching Soft Drinks and Trans Fats

It’s week 2 of our 12 Months of Wellness! This week we focus on cutting out the bad - soft drinks and trans fats, that is.It’s week 2 of our 12 Months of Wellness, and this week we’re focusing on impr

Three Canadian Cities Now Among the Most Traffic-Congested Cities in North America

Vancouver is the 2nd most traffic-congested city in all of North America, just behind Los Angeles, while Montreal is 4th and Toronto 5th.Vancouver remains the most traffic-congested city in Canada. An

Are You a Stressed Out Stay at Home Mom? 7 Tips to Fight Burnout

Being a stay at home mom is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have, if you are in the position to do so. But


Is daydreaming a bad habit? Some researchers believe that mind wandering is healthy and helpful, uncovering new insight and ideas.Daydreaming often gets a bad rap for encouraging laziness; however, gi