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Aquatic Exercise and Cancer

Aquatic exercise offers a ton of physical and psychological benefits for cancer survivors - and itÂ’s fun!Dale Ischia, CSEP, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, specializes in exercise rehabilitation for

Blue Flag Canada: Keeping Our Marinas and Beaches Safe, Clean, and Sustainable

This summer, raise the Blue Flag and celebrate an internationally recognized standard of ecosystem protection.This summer, more Canadians will be able to indulge in a day of sun and surf at their loca

Full Body Cardio and Strength: 10 TRX Workouts for Beginners

Are you up for a new type of workout? TRX, also known as Total Body Resistance Exercise is a revolutionary workout metho

Weight Loss After Menopause: 14 Foods to Eat and Avoid

While the idea of bidding adieu to your period and all of the associated symptoms of PMS it causes may sound exciting, t

10 Energy Boosters

If you\'re feeling slightly sluggish, take note. Our 10 simple tips will boost your energy levels and increase your get up and go!How energetic are you? Are you a morning person who bounces out of bed