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Yoga for Sound Slumber

Having trouble sleeping? Before you spend another night tossing and turning, try doing these yoga poses and deep breathing exercises before going to bed.Those who suffer from insomnia are familiar wit

#2013alive: Prep for Buying Natural Products Next Week

For week 1 of July #2013alive, we ditched our cars in favour of walking, biking, or taking transit. Now, we’re getting ready for next week - choosing natural products.We’re nearly done week 1 of July’

Gazpacho May Help Prevent Hypertension

The main ingredients in this Mediterranean dish have been associated to lower risk of hypertension.The benefits of a Mediterranean diet have been studied for some time, particularly in respect to its

Take the Vegan Challenge

Take the 30-day vegan challenge! Learn how to eat vegan while maintaining all the nutrients your body needs.In 1944, Donald Watson chose “vegan” to describe a growing social movement in Britain. With

Celebrate Non-GMO Month!

It’s Non-GMO Month, so we’re blogging about the top four reasons to buy GMO-free.Happy Non-GMO Month! Created by the Non-GMO Project (a US-based initiative to help consumers choose items produced with