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Canadian Cities Are Among the Most Traffic-Congested Cities in North America

Vancouver is the most traffic-congested city in Canada - and the second most in all of North America, behind Los Angeles. Toronto is 2nd in Canada - 9th in North America.Depending upon where you live,

Holiday Travel Tips

We’ve compiled alive blog posts and articles that can take the stress out of airline travel. Bon voyage!December is a huge time of year for airline travel. But if you’re like many of us, flying can co

Enzyme Supplements

How important are enzymes? They act as catalysts for thousands of reactions in our body. Enzymes not only promote digestion, some have anti-inflammatory properties too.Enzymes are protein molecules th

Probiotics for Oral Health

Probiotics can benefit more than our gut health. Consider chewing probiotic gum to help keep your mouth and throat healthy.We’ve all heard of probiotics. These are the beneficial bacteria that live wi

Looking for a Pair of Healthy Joints? Go Fish!

No, not by playing the card game - but consuming one serving of oily fish per week may cut your risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis in half.Recent research is shedding light on how to maintain opt