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Essential Omega-3s

All fats are not created equal. Learn why omega-3s reign supreme, and how to reap the benefits of these essential fatty acids.In the heyday of 1980s low-fat dieting, three scientists were awarded the

Indoor cycling 101: 4 stationary bike workouts for weight loss

Looking for stationary bike workouts for weight loss? Youve come to the right placeIf you follow me on Instagram, youve

Grow Your Own Sprouts From Home

DIY sprouts are an easy and interactive way to get your veggie fix.Today is National Water a Flower Day, so take a moment to appreciate the plants in your life.Although taking the day off to traipse t

Urinary Incontinence

Although they don\'t often talk about it, men suffer from urinary incontinence, too. Diet, relaxation and behavioural techniques can help.While urinary incontinence (UI) is more common in women, it als

10 Tips for Heart Health

In the quest to maintain a healthy heart, we’re bombarded with terms such as blood pressure, cholesterol and BMI. Don’t be daunted by terminology—as we take the guesswork out of heart health. 01Monito