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7 Walking Workouts for Weight Loss for Beginners and Beyond

Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, walking is a great way to shed extra weight. Perfect for beginners and

Battling Rosacea?

Need relief for the redness and swelling caused by rosacea? Pycnogenol, arnica, and calendula provide natural skin care options for treating this common skin condition.Rosacea is a very common conditi

Wildlife Wednesday: Great White Shark

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the great white shark, and why sharks are more threatened by us than we are by them.We’ve seen the great white shark on film and in the media for years, portrayed

#2013alive: Learn about Your Community

This week, we’re learning about the many events, meet ups, and activities that our communities have to offer.Our calendars have flipped over to August, which means a new goal for our 12 Months of Well

Yoga for Your Brain

Beat brain fog without grabbing a latte - doing just 20 minutes of yoga can boost your focus and memory for the rest of the day.It looks like you can beat brain fog without grabbing a latte or taking