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Deal With Conflict

Conflict arises in most relationships at some time, but men\'s genetic encoding may keep their emotions aroused longer. Men can learn how to deal with conflict.“Most men care deeply about their familie

Help Native Birds with Native Landscaping

Landscaping your yard with native plants can offer native bird species a refuge and help counteract habitat loss.Times are tough for our beloved backyards birds. Among the many threats they face are c

Cold and Flu Beliefs

Is there any truth to the old sayings about colds and the flu? Here, we bust the myths and facts to help keep you healthy.December is smack dab in the middle of cold and flu season, and many of us wil

New Study Shows Confusion May Help Us Learn

A new study shows the frustration of confusion may be beneficial in helping us learn.Whatever doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger—right? Well, nobody’s ever died of sheer confusion, which would

Does Buying Fair Trade and Organic Products Really Make a Difference?

A new study evaluates the efficacy of voluntary product certifications such as certified organic and certified fair trade.Yep.A new press report published by the London School of Economics (LSE) sugge