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#2013alive: Call Up an Old Friend

If it’s been a while since you’ve connected with an old friend, why not make a coffee date and get caught up?Our 12 Months of Wellness theme for October is “Infuse Your Life with Fun.”  As cooler weat

The Galveston Diet for Beginners: 8 Things to Eat and Avoid

Weight gain is common for middle-aged women, particularly around the time of menopause. The Galveston diet aims to rever

Pick a Pack of Peppers to Protect from Parkinson's?

A new study reveals an association between those who eat yellow, red, and green peppers and a reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease.A recent study has found a possible link between eating peppers—yellow

Reclaim Sunrise

Several years ago during a conversation with a friend I realised I was not a member of the early risers club. “I find the time just before sunset to be the best for taking photographs”, I said. “That,

Men's Skin Care Spotlight: Kelp and Seaweed

The marine-sourced ingredients kelp and seaweed are a hot trend in skin care products for men. Learn why!It’s our final installment of our blog posts series showcasing three of the top skin care ingre