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There are plenty of benefits of increasing your stamina and endurance. If you notice you can’t catch your breath after y

Is Organic Better?

Are organic foods really better for you? A 2012 study claims they\'re not nutritionally better for you, but they don\'t contain harmful pesticides.Generally considered a healthier eating option, organic

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For optimal absorption, and for safety, learn how to take your supplements properly with these tips.The use of nutritional supplements has increased significantly over the last decade. But as more peo

Wildlife Wednesday: North American River Otter

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the playful North American river otter.Habitat: Canada and the United States, with some exceptions, such as southern California, the Mohave desert of Nevada and Co

#2013alive: Prep for Making it Happen Next Week

We’re prepping for week 5 of #2013alive April - putting our plans in action to follow our bliss.April’s 12 Months of Wellness goal has been all about finding our bliss. We’ve approached the topic in a