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Sweat the Small Stuff

Sauna therapy is excellent for detoxification. While many assume internal cleansing is done through the gastrointestinal tract with elimination diets and clarifying herbs, sweating is another avenue o

4 Unique Ways to Cook with Pumpkin

One of autumn’s most beloved foods is the humble pumpkin. This year, try pumpkin and pumpkin seeds in these creative and delicious ways!One of autumn’s most beloved foods is the humble pumpkin. This y

Waste Not: New Toilet Design Makes the Most out of Waste

Scientists in Singapore have created a new toilet system that can turn human waste into electricity and fertilizers as well as reduce water use by up to 90 percent.Meet the cutting edge in loo design.

This Summer Hope Floats – With Kayak for a Cure

Learn about the fun, unique, and memorable fundraising event Kayak for a Cure with this blog post from InspireHealth.We’re posting monthly blog posts from the integrative cancer care centre InspireHea

Book review

Author Susan Pinker explains how important interpersonal relationships are, and warns that they\'re eroding.How Face-to-Face Contact Can Make Us Healthier and HappierBy Susan PinkerRandom House Canada,