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Without Insects Plants Lose to Natural Selection

A five-year study looks at how an absence of insects affects the genetic traits of evening primrose.For many of us, when we think of insects, negative words such as “pests” or “bugs” (as in “quit bugg

Wildlife Wednesday: Emperor Penguin

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the emperor penguin - yes, the one you’ve seen all over the big screen - and why it’s being threatened.This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the famous emperor peng

Deal With Conflict

Conflict arises in most relationships at some time, but men\'s genetic encoding may keep their emotions aroused longer. Men can learn how to deal with conflict.“Most men care deeply about their familie

How to prevent & treat a side stitch while running

I have been running for 3+ years now, but it wasn’t until I ran over 90K throughout the month of May while training for

#2013alive: Cut Out the Meat

Factory farming of livestock creates a heavy burden on our planet. Shun meat just once a week to make your own healthy environmental impact.We’re in the home stretch of month 7 in our 12 Months of Wel