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#2013alive: Keep Track of Your Treasures

Keep track of your treasures by creating organized storage solutions.It’s Week 3 of Month 5 of our 12 Months of Wellness. Last week we said goodbye to our unwanted items. This week we have the fun tas

Everything You Wanted to Know About Coconut

Coconuts offer a wealth of healthy products for us, including coconut oil, coconut milk, and coconut water, which all have some surprising uses and benefits.There are few foods that embody tropical go

Beat the Winter Blues

Got the February blahs? You could be one of many people who suffer from the winter blues. Fortunately, natural options exist to lift your spirits.The post-New Year’s let-down encompasses feelings of b

6 Steps to Overcoming Addictions

All addictions are associated with a complex series of neurocircuits in the brain that fail to generate satisfactory amounts of a brain chemical known as dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for feelings


Endometriosis is a challenging and complex disorder with debilitating symptoms, but it can be helped by a multi-faceted natural approach.Throughout history, women with invisible painful conditions hav