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It's Eat Outside Day!

What better way is there to celebrate the last bit of summer before the kids head back to school than with a healthy, green picnic?Today, August 31, is Eat Outside Day! And what better way is there to

How to Be a Happier Mom: 8 Tips to Find the Joy in Motherhood

Motherhood is stressful. Theres no getting around this fact, no matter how organized we try to be. Wrangling kids, wheth

Telomere Length and Ageing

Why do we age? Researchers have yet to unravel the mysteries that control human lifespan, but a number of theories on ageing have attempted to explain the process. These days, much discussion revolves

Seniors Benefit From Drinking Water Together

Improving our health can be more beneficial when done with others.Sometimes improving our health with others can be more effective than doing so alone. In a recent study funded by the Economic and Soc

Learn to Love Food Again

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with food. Learn how to develop healthy ways to eat in order to rebuild a healthy relationship with food.It’s February, and signs of love are all around. What