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Telomere Length and Ageing

Why do we age? Researchers have yet to unravel the mysteries that control human lifespan, but a number of theories on ageing have attempted to explain the process. These days, much discussion revolves

6 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

The last few times I’ve attended a hot yoga class, I’ve felt like I sweated out about ten pounds. It turns out, hot yoga

Stand Up to Lose Weight!

An exercise scientist at the University of Chester in England says we could shed pounds by standing up more instead of sitting.A simple thing like standing up more at work instead of sitting could hel

The Dopamine Diet: 10 Foods That Boost Dopamine Naturally

Have you ever experienced happiness after eating certain foods? That’s because of a chemical called dopamine. A boost of

Roots to Relish

Create unique appetizers with a rainbow of root vegetables, perfect for winter parties.With the rainbow of root vegetables in full force at the market right now, there’s no better way to celebrate the