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Celebrating Siegfried Gursche (1933-2013)

We look back at the life of Siegfried Gursche, the founder of alive magazine. Known as the father of natural health in Canada, he left a legacy of achievements.True pioneers initiate new enterprises o

5 Things You Might Not Know About Acupuncture

How much do you know about acupuncture? Test your knowledge about this ancient healing modality!How much do you know about acupuncture? This key component of traditional Chinese medicine involves inse

Celebrate International Coffee Day Responsibly

September 29 is International Coffee Day - a day to enjoy a cup of java and to spread awareness.Celebrate International Coffee Day this September 29. It’s an event that encourages us to celebrate and

Do Good to Feel Good

Studies show that volunteering does more than put a smile on someone\'’s face. It may also be an effective way to lower our risk of high blood pressure.If you ever ask volunteers why they do what they

Older Adults Can Improve Their Memory

Getting older doesn’t have to mean becoming more forgetful. Older brains are able to adapt by using distraction to improve memory.The older we get, the more we tend to forget things. Eventually, we ma