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Mind-Body Health

Many physical ailments can benefit from mind-body therapies. Wrap your head around guided imagery, music and pet therapy and progressive muscle relaxation.Dona SturmanisIt’s good news that more Austra

Retrain Your Tastebuds

Nutritional researchers are proving that we can choose to change our daily eating habits.Old habits die hard—or so we’ve been told. But nutritional researchers and foodies alike are proving that, in f

Dogs and Toxic Chemicals

When the Environmental Working Group in the United States tested pets in 2008, dogs and cats tested positive for 48 out of 70 industrial chemicals. Some dog owners are said to resemble their pets, but

5 Benefits of Strength Training for Weight Loss & How to Get Started

Pre-pandemic, strength training was never part of my weekly workout routine. While I longed for toned arms and 6-pack ab

#2013alive: Looking Forward to Trying Something New

Next week, the last of Month 3 of our 12 Months of Wellness, we’re trying something new - a new fitness class or sport that we’ve always wanted to try. What are you going to try?We’re coming to the ho