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How to Take Care of Yourself: 34 Stress Relief Tips for Busy Moms

If you’re a busy and overwhelmed mom trying to figure how how to take care of yourself before you completely burn out, y

What's On Your Plate?

March is National Nutrition Month, making it a perfect time to rediscover the joy of cooking, change your eating habits, and make healthy food choices.It’s the perfect time for a food revolution. Marc

How to Hide Chubby Cheeks: 11 Beauty Hacks to Help

Chubby cheeks are super cute, but for times you want your face to look more elongated, there are effective ways to hide

Richmond's Sharing Farm Grows Food for Local Food Bank

In part 1 of our two-part blog series, we shine the spotlight on an amazing nonprofit: Richmond’s very own Sharing Farm.When I learned that I’d be spending a morning away from the office and out in th

Healthy Legs

What causes spidery varicose veins? Get a leg up on ways to combat and prevent venous insufficiency and maintain the circulatory health of your legs.Many of us go to the gym, and then park as close to