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World Happiness Report: Content Canadians at #6

Canadians are a happy bunch: our home and native land is the sixth-happiest country in the UN’s World Happiness Report.Don’t let rain, clouds, or snow get you down: weather aside, Canada is a pretty h

Tanning Beds Must Carry Warning Labels – Cancer Risk

US and Canadian tanning salons will be posting government-mandated warning labels on tanning beds to restrict minors’ use and advising adults of their cancer risk.A new US Food and Drug Association (F

Weight Loss That Works: 30-Day Insulin Resistance Diet Plan

If you’re insulin resistant, changing your diet is one of best things you can do. A low carb, keto-style eating plan wor

Does Buying Fair Trade and Organic Products Really Make a Difference?

A new study evaluates the efficacy of voluntary product certifications such as certified organic and certified fair trade.Yep.A new press report published by the London School of Economics (LSE) sugge

Wildlife Wednesday: Emperor Penguin

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the emperor penguin - yes, the one you’ve seen all over the big screen - and why it’s being threatened.This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the famous emperor peng