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Dangers of Releasing Invasive Species into the Environment

Releasing animals into the environment can harm the ecosystem if the animal is an invasive species. Learn what to do instead in this post.Releasing pets and other animals into the environment could po

Meet Kayla, an Inspiring Youth Leader from Rotary's Get to Know Contest

Rotary’s Get to Know Contest is accepting applications! Meet Kayla, one of their youth ambassadors.The Rotary Get to Know Contest aims to encourage young people to engage with the nature around them.

Can Hitting the Gym Really Help You Sleep Better?

Long-term exercise can totally help with insomnia—but don\'t expect results right away.It’s long been thought that exercise can help you catch more Zs, but new research shows that it may take more time

#2013alive: Are You Cutting Out Meat – At Least Once a Week?

Because livestock factory farming contributes to global warming, we’ve been cutting out meat at least once a week.We’re midweek at the end of month 7 in our 12 Months of Wellness journey. We’ve been t

Everyday Stress Soothers

You don\'t need to go to a spa to reduce your stress levels. Get stress relief at home with our DIY self-massage techniques.Don’t let the hustle and bustle of everyday life leave you frazzled and in kn