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Reclaim Sunrise

Several years ago during a conversation with a friend I realised I was not a member of the early risers club. “I find the time just before sunset to be the best for taking photographs”, I said. “That,

Wildlife Wednesday: Snowy Owl

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the snowy owl, and why we’ve been seeing more of them in British Columbia.Habitat: the Arctic tundra, Canada; the northern United States; Europe; and AsiaSnowy owl

Celebrate National Volunteer Week!

It’s National Volunteer Week! Volunteers do amazing things for our communities. This week, we celebrate them - and join them!Happy National Volunteering week! Organized by Volunteer Canada, this week

Protect Your Pets from the Flu

We usually hear about animals transmitting the flu to people. But researchers have found we can pass the flu on to our pets, including cats, dogs, and ferrets.Shortly after my son returned home last F

Smarter Multivitamins

A new generation of smarter, more sophisticated multis is appearing on store shelves.The humble multivitamin made headlines in late 2013. A widely publicized medical journal editorial concluded that e