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Wildlife Wednesday: Beluga Whale

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the beluga whale - an amazing marine mammal of the Arctic that’s threatened by human activity.Habitat: Arctic and sub-Arctic watersBeluga triviaOne of the most dis

Legs and Glutes: 20 Lower Body Workouts for Women

Ready to get a rocking lower body? We’ve rounded up 20 lower body workouts for women so you can have the best legs and g

Down to Earth

It’s a picture-perfect Saturday morning on Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Surfers are paddling out on the dazzling blue ocean, sunbathing British backpackers are turning a deeper shade of lobster and a busload

Threatened Alberta Caribou Continue To Decline Without Protection

Threatened populations of Alberta woodland caribou may disappear entirely before oil sands developers get around to restoring old growth forests, says Environment Canada.In northern Alberta, where oil

Tea Time

Enjoying a steaming cup of tea is a relaxing ritual. But tea not only relieves stress, it also promotes hearth health and protects against cancer.Wars have been waged over it; ceremonies are devoted t