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Wildlife Wednesday: African Wild Dog

This Wildlife Wednesday learn about the African wild dog. It may be a highly efficient hunter, but itÂ’s caring and cooperative in its pack.The African wild dog may be a highly efficient hunter, but it

Going, Going, Gone

A host of reasons have led to a severe decline in many of Canada\'s bird species. Birds are at risk due to habitat loss, climate change, collisions, and cats.Canada is home to over 450 native bird spec

Sweet Surrender

When it comes to health concerns, sugar isn\'t so sweet. To reclaim our health, it\'s time to break up with sugar.Our love affair with refined sugar began some 10,000 years ago, on the island of New Gui

Anti-Anxiety Diet: 14 Foods to Eat and Avoid to Manage Symptoms

If you suffer from anxiety, youre probably familiar with traditional treatment options, including mindfulness training,

Threatened Alberta Caribou Continue To Decline Without Protection

Threatened populations of Alberta woodland caribou may disappear entirely before oil sands developers get around to restoring old growth forests, says Environment Canada.In northern Alberta, where oil