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#2013alive: Cut Out the Meat

Factory farming of livestock creates a heavy burden on our planet. Shun meat just once a week to make your own healthy environmental impact.We’re in the home stretch of month 7 in our 12 Months of Wel

What is Canada Doing about Mercury Waste?

With the push to ditch incandescent light bulbs in favour of mercury-containing compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), Canada may not have an adequate mercury waste plan.A new report commissioned by Environ

Get Fit At Home: 20 Full Body Stair Workouts for Weight Loss

Many of us are working out at home more than ever before, so it’s important to get in well-rounded workouts that help us

Got Back Pain? Buckle up!

For those suffering from lower back pain, a trip on the roller coaster might just be what the doctor ordered - and, no, we’re not kidding.A 2008 report released by Statistics Canada paints a rather gl

How to Make Homemade Baby Food: 27 Tips, Hacks, and Recipes

You’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of making fresh food for your baby. If you’ve been wondering how to make