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#2013alive: Learn about Your Community

This week, we’re learning about the many events, meet ups, and activities that our communities have to offer.Our calendars have flipped over to August, which means a new goal for our 12 Months of Well

Deal With Conflict

Conflict arises in most relationships at some time, but men\'s genetic encoding may keep their emotions aroused longer. Men can learn how to deal with conflict.“Most men care deeply about their familie

Intuitive Eating for Beginners: 14 Tips to Fuel Your Body without Guilt

We grow up with the notion of dieting all around us. From ads to movies, to friends and family, society has created a co

Full Body Workout with Resistance Bands: 10 Exercises to Tighten & Tone

We all have those days where all we have time for is a quick workout. You know, the days where it almost seems like it’s

The Real New You

Tired of making - then breaking - New Year\'s resolutions? This year try setting SMART goals to create authentic change in your life.New Year’s resolutions are fun to make, but they can be oh-so-easy t