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Explore Hypnosis on World Hypnotism Day

While hypnosis is growing in popularity, many myths still abound. World Hypnotism Day is a great time to learn more about it.Today is World Hypnotism Day! To many people the word hypnotism conjures up

The Raw Food Diet: 7-Day Meal Plan for Beginners

A diet plan that involves zero cooking? Anyone who struggles in the kitchen is likely saying “sign me up!” The raw food

15 crazy fun baby shower games

A friend of mine recently announced that shes expecting her first child, and while I often feel like Im a million years

Goal Setting 101: 9 Weight Loss Vision Board Tips and Ideas

If weight loss is on your mind and youre on the hunt for motivational tips and tools that will keep you accountable to y

CHFA's Revive in Five – Centre Yourself in Week One

Revive in Five is a challenge by the CHFA to help us feel (and look!) our best this summer. Check out this week’s tips!While it may not always seem like it, summer is quickly approaching. Along with i