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When summer arrives, there’s nothing better than sitting outside in your backyard enjoying a homemade treat. Especially

5 Benefits of Strength Training for Weight Loss & How to Get Started

Pre-pandemic, strength training was never part of my weekly workout routine. While I longed for toned arms and 6-pack ab

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September marks an exciting time for kids - and parents! Here are four tips to make this school year the best yet.For kids and parents alike, September seems to signal a time for growth, renewal, and

#2013alive: Looking Ahead: Be Eco-Conscious!

For July, we’ll be taking a step back and appreciating the environment by being eco-conscious.We’re more than halfway through our 12 Months of Wellness journey. In June, we took some time to connect w

Wildlife Wednesday: Black Bear

This Wildlife Wednesday, test your knowledge about our familiar North American black bear.Living in Canada, many of us have encountered a black bear at some point, whether on vacation, or even rummagi