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June is ALS Awareness Month

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) - otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease - is a little-known disorder with a big impact. Find out what it is, and learn how to make a difference!Most of us take ou

Tendon Trouble

Inflamed tendons, or tendinitis, can be very painful. Learn how to avoid and treat tendinitis naturally.Tendons are essential for every movement we make. Inflamed tendons, or tendinitis, can be very p

Hearty and Healthy: 50 Quinoa Recipes for Every Meal

One of the world’s most popular superfoods, quinoa is a staple for health fanatics and has made its way into mainstream

Restless Legs

Twitching, crawling, creeping or burning are some of the words used to describe restless leg syndrome. Missing nutrients could be one of its causes.Subtle yet maddening. It’s how people describe restl

Battling Rosacea?

Need relief for the redness and swelling caused by rosacea? Pycnogenol, arnica, and calendula provide natural skin care options for treating this common skin condition.Rosacea is a very common conditi