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Take the Vegan Challenge

Take the 30-day vegan challenge! Learn how to eat vegan while maintaining all the nutrients your body needs.In 1944, Donald Watson chose “vegan” to describe a growing social movement in Britain. With

Calorie Cycling for Weight Loss: 8 Tips to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

Looking for a new way to drop some unwanted weight? Calorie cycling allows you to shift between higher and lower calorie

High Protein Desserts: 25 Protein Fluff Recipes for Weight Loss

A low carb, high protein dessert, protein fluff is the perfect treat to reach for on your weight loss journey. It’s ligh

#2013alive: How Do We Squeeze Fitness In?

This month we’re focused on fitness. Week 1 is all about moving more throughout the day. Here’s how we do it.We’re into month 3 of our 12 Months of Wellness series, and this month we’re focusing on fi

Enzyme Supplements

How important are enzymes? They act as catalysts for thousands of reactions in our body. Enzymes not only promote digestion, some have anti-inflammatory properties too.Enzymes are protein molecules th