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Is daydreaming a bad habit? Some researchers believe that mind wandering is healthy and helpful, uncovering new insight and ideas.Daydreaming often gets a bad rap for encouraging laziness; however, gi

Support Your Foundation

Strong bones and joints are important to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Natural treatments are part of a good preventive strategy.Canadians are living longer than ever befor

Wildlife Wednesday: Emperor Penguin

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the emperor penguin - yes, the one you’ve seen all over the big screen - and why it’s being threatened.This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the famous emperor peng


Testosterone does more for men than rev up their sex drive. It\'s also an important hormone for cardiovascular health. Learn how to improve testosterone levels naturally.Intriguing and often misunderst

Culinary Combos

Food combining stresses it\'s how you eat, not just what you eat, that leads to good health. We explore whether this practice improves our health.Janet Lefebvre has always had a sensitive stomach, havi