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Drink Up! 40 Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Recipes Worth Trying

Inflammation can be both good and bad. Its your immune system’s normal reaction to irritation, injury or infection, and

Health Canada Approves Bio-K+ as Effective in Reducing Incidence of C. difficile

Bio-K+ has been approved by Health Canada as a new and effective means of reducing the incidence of Clostridium difficile.In the natural health industry, today marks a huge achievement for Canadian co

Easing Arthritis Pain

What you don’t know can hurt you. Arthritis can strike anyone at any time, and although researchers don’t know what causes arthritis, with early diagnosis and treatment therapies you can still enjoy a

Homeopathy Deciphered

Homeopathy is often regarded as a new form of alternative medicine that’s gradually gaining popularity. However, it once played a prominent role in conventional medicine.In the US, a large memorial au

Healthy Smoothies

Sure, you can throw anything you want into a smoothie, but with our tips and recipes, you\'ll be able to build a better smoothie.Smoothies provide on-the-go convenience. Don’t have time for breakfast?