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Why Can't We Claim Natural Health Products?

Prescription drugs can be claimed as a federal tax credit, so why can\'t we claim natural health products? We look at the regulation and taxation of NHPs.Pam was in a financial crisis. While her son wa

7 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite Fast For a Sexy Body

Almost all women will get cellulite at one point in their life. Take solace in the fact that it’s normal for the female

Social Ties

Seniors may have a more difficult time creating social ties and staying active. No matter what our age, It\'s possible to build healthy new relationships.Social ties are important for young and old ali

Wildlife Wednesday: Snapping Turtle

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the snapping turtle, a species of special concern in Ontario.Why did the snapping turtle cross the road? To find a nesting site, of course! But unfortunately, Cana

#2013alive: Looking Ahead to Next Week's Goal – Eating Together as a Family

It’s the end of month 2, week 1 of our 12 Months of Wellness. While showing our loved ones we care, we’re also thinking ahead to next week.We’re just wrapping up month two, week 1 of our 12 Months of