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How Do We Feed the World's Hungry? By Reducing Food Loss, New Study Suggests

Could reducing food loss feed the 870 million hungry people around the world?In a recent Finnish study that can be viewed as both hopeful as well as saddening, researchers estimate that just by reduci

Social Ties

Seniors may have a more difficult time creating social ties and staying active. No matter what our age, It\'s possible to build healthy new relationships.Social ties are important for young and old ali

Most of Us Are Knowingly Lazy in Matters of the Brain

When confronted with a difficult question, we’ll often replace it with an easier one - and knowingly so.If a bat and ball together cost $1.10, and the bat costs one dollar more than the ball, how much

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We’re prepping for April’s 12 Month of Wellness theme - finding your bliss.Congratulations—we’re nearly done our third month of our 12 Months of Wellness journey! Hopefully you’re feeling healthier th

The best 20 minute workouts to help you lose weight fast

Last week I shared 10 of my best weight loss tips to lose 10 pounds in a week, and while I was really excited to publish